Daggerford 5e

Session 04/07/2015

Present: Bron, Gambrughon, Korin, Richter

I changed the entrance of Gambrughon to the story. He was hired by Okkar as a guard on the last abortive attempt to enter the Fist but was left in the lurch when stone ghosts attacked them and Okkar escaped. He swears he thought Gambrughon was right behind him. Instead, Gambrughon was hiding out in the mine supervisor’s quarters, where the party found him.

The party was hounded by stone ghosts popping out of the stonework around them but most were killed or driven off, in the process almost killing Okkar when he was caught alone.

Discovered: A room full of unprocessed gold ore (6,000 gp value when processed) , a defiled dwarvish altar, and a mineshaft leading below the complex.


jlthomas jlthomas

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