Daggerford 5e

7/1/2014 Session Recap

Back to Daggerford and a Theft

Present: Bron, bunch of tag-a-longs (Mort, Richter, Fatherbard, Skivvy, Brook, new NPC Lydia Swampgator)

After saving the caravan, the party escorted it back to Daggerford. On the way, a stranger dressed as a peasant tried to get Bron’s and Mort’s assistance in getting in the gate. Turns out he is a wanted criminal who committed a crime of passion and still yearns to be with his beloved. He offered 100 gp now and the same once in town but niether Mort nor Bron were moved. They did discover that the man claimed to be named Roland and was the former captain of the Daggerford guard until his little incident two weeks prior.

At the main gate, guards were blocking the entry of a crowd of refugees due to orders issued by the Duke the previous night. Apparently something belonging to the Duke was stolen. Roland saw his lady love in a crowd of bystanders and called out to her, and was in turn chased by the guard, disappearing into the caravan camp. Also, one of the guards, panicked by the increasingly angry crowd, fired his crossbow and struck a refugee. He was taken into custody and led inside.

The party then attempted to follow leads as to the theft (reward offered) and learned that although everyone was a suspect, word was that the Duke specifically blamed a dwarf named Jekk who had been inquiring after the item, called “the Delimbyir Bloke”, a carved dwarvish head. Bron went to the Otter’s Run tavern and learned from a man named Ustan, a local riverman, that contact had been lost with a town upriver and supplies of cloth weren’t being delivered. He also met and befriended a bounty hunter named Lydia Swampgator, when who walked into the place but Roland, dripping wet after diving into the river to escape the guards. Throwing all caution to the wind yet again, he still persisted in finding his lady love, but after a brief scuffle Bron and Lydia apprehended him for his bounty of 50 gp (which had just been increased to 75!)

…more later.


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