Daggerford 5e

Session recap, July 8, 2014

Into Julkoun

Having dispatched several goblin guards in watchtowers on the south bank of the river, Bron swam back to reunite with the party while Lydia went to guard the boat. Skivvy stood watch at the group’s rally point in the woods.

The group infiltrated the west wall at several points. A cry had gone up and the guards knew they had company. Bron went north and killed several goblin guards using a clever ruse and a bigass hammer. Brook, the wood elf guide, went over the wall near Bron and traversed rooftops to get into position. Fatherbard and Richter climbed the southwest guard tower and dealt with the goblin lookout.

Soon a troop of hobgoblin regular infantry joined the fray and searched for the interlopers. Richter and Fatherboard foiled them with Dancing Lights, missile fire, and a well-placed acid bath. The survivors attempted to flee but their heavy armor slowed them down and the party gained ground. The hobgoblins turned and fought to the death. Mort graced the party with his presence at this convenient juncture (right near the end of the battle) and hogged some glory with a Magic Missile.

A hobgoblin prisoner was mildly cajoled by Bron to reveal that they had come from the Forlorn Hills to the north. They had overwhelmed and sacked the town, then took most of the civilian residents prisoner and shipped them north as slave labor. He also blabbed that more humanoids would arrive any day now.

Finally, Richter, out of arrows, chased some goblins back into the upper stockade. He heard dozens of enemies mustering behind the walls and the party braced for what would come next.

_When you loot the bodies of the slain humanoids, you find 91 gp total in coin and jewelry. Also, you can take the weapons of those who weren’t melted by acid: 7 slings, 7 short swords, 4 longspears, 1 glaive, 4 javelins, 50 sling bullets. Goblin leather armor is small and would need to be repaired. Hobgoblin ring mail is medium and would also need repair. You may also recover 50% of the missiles you shot, i.e., arrows, bolts, darts.


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